XR 500 R ebay feb.2003

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 my 1983 Honda XR500R that is in excellent condition for a bike of it's age. Not only is it in good condition, but the engine has only 50 miles on the rebuild and is now just breaking in. Here is what has been done:

Weisco Forged Domed Piston/Rings

White Brothers High Performace Cam

J/T High Performance Valve Springs

Black Diamond Valves

Professionally Built and Flowed Head- Port and Polish and 3 angle Valve Job

Cylinder Bored and Honed .040'' Over 

Al Baker's XR's Only Ceramic Coated High Flow Headers

Al Baker's Performance Ceramic Coat Supertrapp Exhaust

K&N High Flow Air Filter

RH Gold O-Ring Chain

Sunstar Moly 12 Tooth Front Sprocket

Fly Handle Bars

ALL CABLES REPLACED W/ OEM (Brake, Throttle (2), Compression (2), Clutch)

New Head Light Assembly

New Tail Light Assembly

All New Gaskets, OEM Metal Head Gasket

Ceet Seat Cover

There may also be some parts I am forgetting. The rebuild was done about 1 year ago, but there are only 50 street miles on it. This bike is a BEAST, very powerful and loud, CRAZY torque. I can still say it is powerful with my previous bike being a 2000 CR500. Just to give you an idea how powerful this is, the carb is jetted 6 sizes above stock. Fires up on the second kick and idles smoothly. The suspension is also in perfect condition and is original. No fork leaks. Fair amount of rear tire left, but the front tire will need to be replaced soon. Plastic is in fairly good condition. It isn't faded at all but has normal scratches on it. The only small problem is there is a little top end noise (slight valve clatter). Valve clearances are to spec and this most likely is normal for the high lift cam/ stiff valve springs. I even took it to an authorized Honda dealer and they couldn't figure it out. Doesn't affect the power or compression so don't worry about it. I also have the Honda factory repair manual (full version) that I will include.